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Free regsoft affiliate code generator

Download                   Sample

Free regsoft affiliate code generator is a Perl CGI script that allows you to give your sales partners correct HTML code for Regsoft (sellshareware) affiliate links. Their Regsoft(sellshareware) IDs are automatically inserted into your  sales link to ensure proper credit of an affiliate sale.
  • The simpler it is for your partners to get the link, the more likely they will put it on their Web sites
  • More affiliates using your code means more sales from your site
  • The Free regsoft affiliate code generator takes not more than 5 minutes to install even for beginners.

    1. Creating sellshareware.com auther account.

    2. Unzip The Download file.(It consists of four files: banner.htm, sellshareware.cgi, readme.htm, sample.url).

    3. Modified banner.htm as your wish.You may modified anything in banner.htm.But Any Links in banner must be
    (Please be sure replace PrID=57272 to your own PrID).

    4. Use WORDPAD to open sellshareware.cgi file,
    Copy & Paste  banner.htm webpage html source code in sellshareware.cgi ("copy & paste banner code here" line).

    5. Upload  sellshareware.cgi in ASCII mode to your CGI-BIN directory.

    6. CHMOD 755 sellshareware.cgi .

    7. Look at  the Sample, copy & paste follow code in your
    Affiliate program webpage (Please be sure replace
    VendorID=27994 as your VendorID, and replace yourhost.com
    to yours).


                     It will look like :

Your sellshareware affiliate ID:

                     All finish!
                     Please Make a link to DSL-Speed.org if you like the script.thank!

Download                              Sample



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