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DSL Web hosting

DSL Web hosting is  a   free dynamic dns client program  which in-
cludes a built-in web hosting , let you run  your own web hosting from home on DSL connection with  Dynamic  IP  address, any Internet users could type in your domain and surf on your DSL Web hosting. easy , no banner, quickly and it's free !  New  version support PHP,

dsl webhosting v1.00 main screen

   On DSL Web hosting main screen ,just fill in your domain name, zoneedit username , password ,and disk directory where your web page store , then press "open host" button ,your  DSL Web hosting will run immediately!

     Your "home page" could be index.htm, index.html, default.htm or default.html.

     If  your firewall ask for "Do you want to allow DSL Webhosting to act as a server",click "yes".


- Windows 95, 98, SE, ME, 2000 and XP
-Direct Internet connect (not connect via proxy nor internet share client).
-Domain name

How to Use DSL Webhosting

DSL Web hosting is very easy, what you need to know is config your domain name on zoneedit step by step !  (If you professional in zoneedit ,bypass all step)

1. Register a free dns service account from zoneedit.com . You will receive an email from zoneedit which include your username and password.
Copy & Paste the username and password on "DSL Web hosting "  program main screen "Username" and "Password" field.
All username and password need in future by using "DSL Web hosting" are zoneedit.com Signup username and password.

2. Click here to add domain name on zoneedit.com account , type in your domain name and click "Add Zone" button.
Then ,will return the screen below,  record  "Nameserver 1" and "Nameserver 2",in here is   ns14.zoneedit.com and ns18.zoneedit.com.

webhosting2.jpg (22184 bytes)

                   3. Modify your Domain name  A Record
                   Type in your domain name:

                   Type in www and then Press "Add New IP Address" Button.

webhosting3.jpg (39143 bytes)

In the new screen show, click the first "Yes" button.

4. Changing the name servers
(Which show in step 2 ,  maybe ns14.zoneedit.com and ns18.zoneedit.com) for your domain name at the registrar where your domain name is registered.If you don't konw how to do ,Please contact your domain name registrar for assistance.

It should take from 24 to 48 hours for the changes to take effect. "DSL Web hosting" will work after DNS servers updated complete.

5. All Done.
You may let
your DSL Web hosting auto run when detect online with one click.

How to Add EXE and DLL CGI Script Support to DSL Webhosting

Just copy all files in "DSL Webhosting" install directory to
directory where your web page store(maybe "c:\wwwroot\").

That's it. Your DSL Webhosting now supports EXE and DLL CGI

How to Add PERL CGI Script Support to DSL Webhosting

1Download PERL (Free)
-->download now!
Select "Windows AS package" 8.3MB and download.

2. Install PERL (the download file), default install.

3. Restart the Windows, Your DSL Webhosting now supports PERL CGI scripts.

How to Add PHP Script Support to DSL Webhosting

     Step by step

1. Download PHP (Free)
Select "PHP 5 Release .."
-->"Windows Binaries"
-->"zip package" and download.

2. Extract the download file to "c:\php".

3. Rename  file name "php.ini-dist" to "php.ini" .

Use notepad to open "php.ini" file,find the line below
"; cgi.force_redirect=1"
make change to
"cgi.force_redirect=0" and save.

4. Copy the follows files "php.exe","php5ts.dll","php5isapi.dll" and
"php.ini" from "c:\php" to your windows directory.(typically "C:\Windows" on Windows 95/98/ME,and NT/2000/XP will be "c:\winnt" or "c:\winnt40".)

5. Your DSL Webhosting now supports PHP scripts.

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